Did You Know?

Our expertise extends beyond boat sales and service. The Specialty Team is comprised of experienced yachtsmen, competitive sailors and certified skippers, not to mention being a dynamic, experienced, knowledgeable, international bunch. We are your SOURCE for all types of boating information.

Meet Our Team

Specialty Yachts is a one-stop service shop. We are exceptional project managers, top trouble-shooters and creative problem solvers.  We organize and facilitate all of our customers’ service needs. To discuss your requirements in more detail, please call and ask for Duncan Matthews or email duncan@specialty-yachts.com.

We offer year-round maintenance and care for your boat. Whether a one-time detailing or weekly cleaning and check-ins, at our docks or yours. Call Duncan today for more information at 604-689-7491, ext. 118.

We assess and address insurance claims, manage communications with the insurance companies and make all corrections so there is minimal impact to your boat’s resale value. Call Lawrence Fronczek to discuss at 604-689-7491, ext. 188 or toll-free at 1-800-665-2336.

2020 Specialty Yachts Rendezvous

The Specialty Yachts 2020 Rendezvous has been cancelled for this year.