2019 Specialty Yachts Hunter Rendezvous

About the Event

The Hunter Rendezvous is a premier boating event taking place every year at Thetis Island at Telegraph Harbour Marina, with hundreds of participating boats and boaters gathering together for a fun-filled occasion. Next season’s event will be held from June 20 -23, with registration and details posted shortly.


Thank you to the following generous sponsors for their support of the 2018 Hunter Rendezvous. We firmly believe in returning the generosity and  encourage you to  join us in in supporting them throughout every boating season.




Gift Donors

  • Bonnie Lee Charters
  • Bridges Restaurant
  • Dolphin Insurance Services
  • Edmonds Batteries
  • Explorer Yacht Services
  • Granville Island Boat Yard
  • Granville Island Hat Shop
  • J&S Torres Enterprise
  • La Fabrica
  • North Sails
  • Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar
  • Pacific Yachting
  • Paynes Marine Group
  • Reckless Bike Stores
  • Roton Industries Ltd.
  • RR Yacht Services
  • Stem to Stern Marine Service
  • Steveston Marine and Hardware
  • Sudbury
  • Western Marine Company
  • Yachting BC