Meet the Team

At Specialty Yachts we believe in a collective approach to customer satisfaction – one that takes into account the individual needs of each of our customers and delivers an experience that has involved each member of the core team, as well as our endorsed industry partners.

Lawrence Fronczek

CPYB, CYB, Principal/Yacht Broker

Tel: 604 689 7491 ext 188

Think you love what you do? Meet Lawrence, he knows he loves what he does and you’ll quickly catch on to that too.

A figurehead when it comes to “anything boating”, Lawrence is a true water baby. He was tied to the mast of his parents’ sailboat as a baby and he has found no reason to be away from the water since. It’s his backyard, his playground and, most importantly, it’s what connects his customers to extraordinary experiences. It’s those first-hand experiences, his passion to bring peoples’ dreams to life, and the enduring trust and support of his customers that pushed Lawrence to buy Specialty Yachts in 2006.

From owning a Davidson dinghy at the age of nine to owning a company at the age of….well, we won’t tell you that but the former Sales and Service Manager was quite young! And while Lawrence has evolved the company, there are some things he would never change, including his unwavering commitment to customer care and attention and supporting the development and success of his colleagues and industry partners.

A big believer in sharing his experience and raising the bar when it comes to industry standards, professional excellence and protecting the best interests of consumers, Lawrence has volunteered hundreds of hours and more than 20 years as a Director, Vice President and Liaison Officer of the BC Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA) and Boating BC (formerly the BC Marine Trades Association).

Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology) from the University of BC, earned his Certified Yacht Broker (CYB) designation in 1995 and his Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) designation in 2009.

Hilary Brezden

Yacht Broker

Tel: 604 689 7491 ext 118

For Hilary, Yacht sales is a natural extension of her experience and passion – a merging of 10 years of sales success with a lifetime on the water and a commitment to building trusting relationships. Hilary has a loyal customer following and is recognized for her sales excellence and principled approach to customer satisfaction.

Growing up on and around the water, Hilary has many fun tales to tell – just ask her about her multiple wins, including the race out to the “super, super hole”  and how she secured her prize catch! Hilary’s verve for life shines through every conversation. She loves and lives the boating lifestyle and wants her customers to share the same experiences – from setting the sails and crab traps to finding the best fishing holes in the Pacific Northwest.
While the water is Hilary’s playground, she also takes her talents to the sand – beach volleyball anyone? – and the guitar.  Hilary started playing guitar when she was five years old and hasn’t stopped – she graduated with honors in music, had her own band and composed and assisted record productions.

As if Hilary doesn’t have enough to share, we think it’s also worth noting that at one time she was voted the funniest female. And that’s not surprising to us – she certainly has a great sense of humour!

Evan Hodgson

Yacht Broker

Tel: 604 689 7491 ext 103

Evan’s experience on the water is different than many and what keeps drawing him deeper is the sense of freedom with each new experience. And there are many!

The sea was calling and having his PCOC was only the beginning. From a young age, Evan was on and around boats with his family, transiting the Bute and Jervis Inlets; he then worked for a local boat detailing company where he learned about a broad range of power and sail boats, as well as the specific detailing and maintenance requirements critical to the upkeep of a variety of different luxury vessels. In 2014, Evan joined the Royal Canadian Navy, earned his Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SVOP), Radio Operators and Marine Emergency Duties certificates and was posted to the HMCS Calgary and HMCS Nanaimo as a Naval Communicator with certification as a Ships Team Diver and Firefighting Lead. Evan was deployed on multiple operational, domestic and large multi-national exercises that took him as far as South Korea, Fiji, Hawaii and the Galapagos, where he spent 35 days at sea. Evan credits the military for developing his character which he shares openly with his customers and all of us at Specialty Yachts.

A boat-owner himself, Evan’s passion to help others explore the waterways is contagious. He loves to share a pivotal moment on the water during a three-day deployment out of San Diego. It is there that he really valued the freedom associated with the water. And it doesn’t stop at boating – Evan enjoys scuba-diving, spear fishing and all water sports. And, as if that isn’t enough, Evan remains committed to the Navy through the Reserves and will soon complete his studies towards a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Certified Associates in Project Management.

Bill Fuse

Yacht Detailer

Tel: 604 689 7491 ext 104

Yacht care, maintenance and order on the docks, are just some of Bill’s many practiced trades… as are his skilled competencies as a certified sailing instructor, sail boat racing coach, Canadian 420 sail boat racing champion and just about everything else water related. 

Raised in a family of sailors, Bill started racing at 11 years old; he went on to be a member of the Ontario Sailing Team and later was named the head coach for the Ontario Sailing Team, taking the male and female contingents to Nationals in 2019. Bill’s appreciation for nature goes back to his early days of Blue Planet. He went on to earn a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Queen’s University. His thesis on coral reef fish brought him to Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas, where he conducted 21 dives in 30 days, sitting on the bottom of the sea floor observing the cleaning routine and personality of his subjects.

When he’s not on SYS docks, Bill can be found surfing and kite-boarding in local waters. His motto: “twice as much time on the water as drive time”.

Amy Tully

Office Administrator

Tel: 604 689 7491 ext 100

Often the first person you see and the first voice you hear is Ireland’s Amy Tully. Specialty’s customers, industry partners and colleagues rely on Amy to facilitate and administer their service requirements.
And it doesn’t stop there – infusing our office with her dazzling personality, Amy is integral to the success of our Annual customer Rendezvous, Specialty Yachts’ digital presence and our overall day-to-day well-being.

Amy arrived in Canada from Ireland in 2011 and joined Specialty Yachts in 2012. We like to think that Vancouver has become home for Amy and her family which has grown to include their ever-loving dog, Jax.

Diane Chiasson

Customer Accounts / Bookkeeper

Tel: 604 689 7491

Busy behind the scenes to ensure we have our house in order, Diane’s organization skills and commitment to exceptional customer experiences help us ensure our bookkeeping, payroll and account management practices are aligned with the highest standards of practice.

Diane’s always-pleasant personality and positivity are a perfect fit for our team and our customers.
While we rely on her expertise, we also rely on her to print our paycheques – so you could say she’s a staff favourite!


Office Patrol & Customer Welcoming Committee

We all know that some staff members can be a handful. Meet Charlie.

He’s the one who creates havoc, demands attention, can be a little jumpy and is even known to throw a punch or two. Now normally we wouldn’t put up with this kind of behaviour but Charlie is an exception. A little attention and a lot of patience go a long way with this one.

Charlie is a bit of a “prince” when it comes to getting his paws wet but we are providing him all the support he needs during the transition from landlubber to boater.