More on Mooring

Keeping your boat correctly moored is very important.

Following are a few helpful tips that are sometimes overlooked:

1. Invest in quality mooring lines. Estimate the lengths required for a bowline, two spring lines and a breastline. Keep extra line to a minimum to prevent trips and maintain tidy docks. Any extra line should always be coiled neatly on the mooring.

2. Use as few lines as possible. This makes it easier (a) to assess STRONG key stationary points on your boat and (b) for others to make sense of your lines and help you moor.

3. Consider the best tie for the circumstances, then make up a splice, use a bowline or a cleat hitch.

4. If you are using non-dedicated moorage fittings to secure your boat, be sure to check them regularly for wear and tear.

5. Whenever possible, attach the splice or bowline end on the jetty cleat. Securing this hard point on the jetty cleat makes it more difficult for your tie to be removed, particularly when sharing the cleat with others.

6. Generally, fenders should hang just above the water. Fender covers, although not necessary, prevent marks on your boat. However, if you clean your fenders regularly marking shouldn’t be an issue.