Safe Boating is Smart Boating

      At any one time there are an extraordinary number of ships, commercial and recreational boats on the water. Adding AIS – Automatic Identification System – to your boat is one way to know what is around you.  The more people who add AIS to their boats, the safer...

Coastal Craft 45 ProFish

Local Builder Delivers Aluminum at its Finest By Peter A. Robson | Pacific Yachting Magazine When we think of aluminum boats, small cartoppers, rugged crew boats, commuter boats, water taxis or fish boats are most likely to come to mind. They are usually roughly...

Did You Know?

      Our expertise extends beyond boat sales and service. The Specialty Team is comprised of experienced yachtsmen, competitive sailors and certified skippers, not to mention being a dynamic, experienced, knowledgeable, international bunch. We are your SOURCE for all...

More on Mooring

Keeping your boat correctly moored is very important. Following are a few helpful tips that are sometimes overlooked: 1. Invest in quality mooring lines. Estimate the lengths required for a bowline, two spring lines and a breastline. Keep extra line to a minimum to...

Righting Those Ropes

Boaters are notorious for wanting everything to look neat, tidy and……..CLEAN! So why not keep ropes clean with the occasional wash?! Place one rope into a pillowcase or mesh bag and place in a top loading washing machine. Try softening stiff ropes in a...

Spring Ahead with Maintenance!

We know you’re as anxious as us for the Spring boating season. For the sailors out there, just a reminder that as part of your preparations, it is important to drop your head sail and inspect all mounting, set and retaining screws to the top of the furler....

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PLAN NOW: The 2019 Specialty Yachts Hunter Rendezvous is June 20 – 23, Registration and information posted shortly.

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