Burnewiin Premium Marine Accessories

We are thrilled to announce we have become a dealer for Burnewiin Premium Marine Accessories!

Burnewiin have worked diligently to create boating and fishing accessories and products that truly enhance the look and functionality of your boat. 
A functionality and look that they call “Burnewiin Equipped”. Burnewiin Equipped means your boat is outfitted with most innovative and handsome boating accessories packages available. 
It’s also about becoming part of the Burnewiin family, a network of dealerships, manufacturers and boaters the world over who enjoy the craftsmanship and convenience of Burnewiin Products.

You will remember the day you became Burnewiin Equipped.

Interested in some Burnewiin products for your vessel – Click Here to check out their premium accessories!

2022 Vancouver International Boat Show

Due to recent capacity limits announced by the Provincial Health Office, the 2022 Vancouver International Boat Show has been cancelled. For more details, please visit


2022 Specialty Yachts Rendezvous

Stay Tuned for updates on our 2022 Specialty Yachts Rendezvous!
More Info Coming Soon!