Other Marine Products


Do you ever feel like you need the strength of Hercules to lift, sort & tie your fenders? It’s time to drop the dumbbells & get some air…. AERÉ that is!!

Specialty Yachts is Western Canada’s Exclusive Dealer for AERÉ Docking Solutions’ premier fenders:

• Lightweight
• Inflatable
• Deflatable for minimal storage
• Non-marking
• Re-inforced attachments
• Six-year warranty program
• Available in more than 40 sizes & types

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Variprop is the finest automatically feathering propeller available in the world today. The advanced design and precision engineering and manufacturing by SPW GmbH in Germany assures flawless performance.

Some of the benefits of a Variprop installation are:

  • Near zero sailing drag.
  • Powerful thrust in head seas.
  • Incredible control in reverse.
  • Reduce or eliminate “propwalk”.
  • External and separate pitch adjustment for forward and reverse.
  • Massive gears for decades of reliable and trouble free service.
  • Soft Stop™ Multi-Disc Brake to minimize impact when reversing blades.
  • 2, 3, and 4 blade models in all hub sizes for normal shaft and Saildrive.
  • Shortest hub length; fits smallest apertures.
  • Delivered fully assembled, balanced, lubricated, read-to-install with no disassembly or modifications necessary.

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DECKadence Marine Carpet is a technologically advanced engineered marine carpeting consisting of poly vinyl and PVC that is treated with UV inhibitors, anti-microbial composites, resins, and a secret recipe that contributes to the longevity and durability of the marine carpet.

No other marine carpet in the industry can compare to DECKadence. The ease of installation, the simplicity of maintenance and practicality are all reasons why our DECKadence engineered marine carpet and our simple DIY option is superior to all others. The DIY replacement is simple fast and will last you a lifetime of enjoyment.

DECKadence engineered Marine Carpet is designed to look like plush carpeting but it’s not a carpet at all, because DECKadence Marine Carpet is not made from organic substances, it is resistant to mildew, stain and fade.

Why DECKadence? Here’s why:

  • DECKadence is anti-slip
  • Protects surfaces
  • Looks and feels great
  • Marine carpet buffers the engine noise
  • DECKadence absorbs the shock from the constant impact of riding

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PEETZ Outdoors

As a dealer of Peetz Outdoors’, we have met the match when it comes to equipping a Coastal Craft or fulfilling your passion for fishing, no matter the make or model of your boat.

The oldest continuous makers of quality fishing equipment, Peetz has earned a reputation for delivering products of exceptional performance and durability.

Beautiful reels, state-of-the-art rods, hand made lures and flashers….to name but a few of the ingenious and artistic designs from this great company.

Come by our office today to purchase these amazing BC made products and get ready for your next fishing adventure.