VariPROP Feathering Propellers

Variprop is the finest automatically feathering propeller available in the world today. The advanced design and precision engineering and manufacturing by SPW GmbH in Germany assures flawless performance.

Some of the benefits of a Variprop installation are:

  • Near zero sailing drag.
  • Powerful thrust in head seas.
  • Incredible control in reverse.
  • Reduce or eliminate “propwalk”.
  • External and separate pitch adjustment for forward and reverse.
  • Massive gears for decades of reliable and trouble free service.
  • Soft Stop™ Multi-Disc Brake to minimize impact when reversing blades.
  • 2, 3, and 4 blade models in all hub sizes for normal shaft and Saildrive.
  • Shortest hub length; fits smallest apertures.
  • Delivered fully assembled, balanced, lubricated, read-to-install with no disassembly or modifications necessary.

Contact us today to get a Variprop propellor working for your boat.

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