Safe Boating is Smart Boating

At any one time there are an extraordinary number of ships, commercial and recreational boats on the water. Adding AIS – Automatic Identification System – to your boat is one way to know what is around you.  The more people who add AIS to their boats, the safer we all are on the water.

The basic premise with AIS is that you can, for example, determine well in advance if you are on a collision course with another vessel and adjust course accordingly.  While it is always important to re-assess along the way, electronics such as AIS provide alerts and guidance that also provide reassurance. Connected to your chart plotter, AIS provides you the real-time positioning, identity, speed and course of other vessels around you.

Looking to just get away for some R&R and don’t want others to know it’s you out there? AIS also offers “stealth mode” which will allow you to stop transmitting your particulars but continue to receive information from others. Of course, we encourage you to reciprocate and stay online as much as possible.

AIS also works well with IPADs, tablets and smartphones.

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