Marlow Hunter


 Steady breeze, mainsail tight and light chop
reaching a protected bay ahead.

Marlow Hunter 47



Steady breeze, mainsail tight
and light chop reaching
a protected bay ahead.

Marlow Hunter 50

Marlow Hunter

Hunter has been a Specialty Yachts house brand since 1987 and Marlow Hunter since 2012.

We’ve grown up with this iconic sailboat brand, selling, commissioning and servicing them from our docks and boat yard facilities at Granville Island. Marlow Hunter has preserved traditional design elements important to sailors while integrating state-of-the-art materials, design and building techniques that move these newbuilds into a class of their own. The focus on safety, strength, performance and ease-of-use is unparalleled, as is the commitment to a personalized customer experience.

Our customers’ well-being is Marlow Hunter’s priority. Just ask our customers, they’ll tell you so!

Built to go the distance.

Innovative design. Unparalleled quality.

Marlow Hunter represents quality, class and enduring value.

Each Marlow Hunter undergoes a rigorous building, inspection and on-site testing process and is a leader in sailing innovation. As was Warren Luhrs who took his own design ideas that he developed for Hunter and applied them to offshore racing boats.

Today, Marlow Hunters satisfy the desires of the most discerning sailors for both offshore and coastal cruising.

Marlow Hunters are built in their own back yard, a 38-acre parcel in Alachua, Florida; a state recognized for its boat-building expertise.

We are always proud to represent brands that support the countries where we have representation. It’s the right thing to do.


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