“A testimonial to boat buying made pleasurable. Buying a new sailboat was a novel experience for my wife and I and it has proved surprising indeed. We are now the proud owners of the new design Marlow Hunter 37 and have found, much to our surprise, that not only do we have a new boat but some new boating friends at Specialty Yachts as well. Lawrence Fronczek was very obliging, professional and astute in walking us through the purchasing process and working with us to ascertain our experience, our preferences and our intended usage so he could help direct what options we should go for. He then applied our answers to equipment and design recommendations with aplomb.

Sarah White, Specialty Yachts’ service manager, who is also a qualified Surveyor through Lloyds Maritime Academy and a veteran competitive sailor, was a great help throughout the entire commissioning process. Between Sarah and Lawrence, they were able to put a design or component idea into action and find the right solution for what, in our case, perhaps first started as an ill-defined customisation request on our part. I did not know at the time we started our purchasing process that  Specialty Yachts had been named the worldwide Dealer of the Year by Hunter in 2012 or that due to Sarah’s skills and attention to detail that the service team had  also  received  a top  award for outstanding service, but I can now understand why.”

Bob and Mary Annis

2014, Hunter 37, “O de V”