“For most sailors, or aspiring ones, making the transition from the dream to a true ocean going vessel is a daunting task. How do you decide which is the right one for you and then ensure that your vessel of choice is one in which you can put your full trust? In our case my wife Gill and I were guided through this process painlessly by the professionals at Speciality Yachts. They were very thorough in assessing our needs and then provided a choice of excellent vessels.

Once we had made our decision, they then provided very timely support with insurance, registration and ensuring that all the required work on the boat was completed to our satisfaction. Upon delivery I was guided through all of the boat systems until I understood everything that I needed to and finally they provided us with an amazing delivery skipper. So, from beginning to end this has felt more an exercise in building a relationship with our brokers rather than simply making a purchase.

Thank you John, Liz, Sarah, Gillian and Lawrence.”

Chris Cheeseman and Gill Taylor.

Proud new owners of a 38′ Hunter