“Like many dreamers, I have come to boat shows and chartered different sailboat types and configurations for many years trying to figure out exactly what boat I wanted. There is a bewildering range of features and many excellent manufacturers out there offering high quality boats.

About a year ago the new Marlow Hunters caught my eye at the Seattle Boat Show, and I got to chatting with Lawrence Fronczek, who is the Principal Broker at Specialty Yachts based on Granville Island, BC. He patiently answered my questions with enthusiasm and deep knowledge.

I went away to think and read about what the Marlow Hunter company offered and decided on the MH40 three cabin, 2 head configuration best suited my family’s needs. Lawrence is exceptional in his ability to listen carefully, make appropriate suggestions, and follow through with integrity. I have come to appreciate that the dealer support is just as important as the quality of the manufacturer. Every boat is a unique challenge, and Lawrence and his team were surprisingly agile in making sure that the boat that was delivered was exactly the boat I wanted.

And that every detail was the best it could be. Judging from the enthusiasm of the Hunter owners attending the recent Rendezvous on Thetis Island, many buyers are greatly pleased by the service and attention that Specialty Yachts provides.”

Dr. Charles Chavkin

Marlow Hunter 40