“Stephen Hawking once said, ”a family is a group of people who matter”. During the length of time we were purchasing our Hunter 33, you could say we were adoptees, into the Specialty Yachts family. In fact ever since we bought our first Hunter from Lawrence in 2003 we became part of the Specialty Yacht family.

Absolutely nothing was too much trouble in what turned out to be a lengthy and sometimes difficult process. Thank you Lawrence. Through your persistence and hard work you saw it through to the end.

Thank you Brenda for faithfully picking me up at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal whenever I needed to be at Granville Island. Ian and Julian were very helpful when I was trying to make the decision to take “Linnaea Too” home to Gibsons, in some blustery weather conditions. To Sarah and her technical team. Thank you for answering my questions, and doing what had to be done. Nothing was too much trouble.

In other words the whole Specialty Yachts family, including Mazin, who drove me over to Western Marine, pulled together to get me through the purchasing and possession process, and safely back to Gibsons. Thank you to all in the Specialty Yachts family.”

Frank and Edith Brown, Gibsons, BC

Hunter 33