We had the pleasure of purchasing a new Hunter 39 in 2011 from Specialty Yachts.  We truly felt like we made great friends during that process and those friendships have remained intact over the years.  We enjoyed many great adventures on the Hunter 39 but with the crew disappearing to university, the time came to allow others to enjoy her and for us to purchase a new sailboat.  Of course, we returned to Specialty to both sell our Hunter 39 and to order a new 2018 Marlow-Hunter 31.

We really enjoyed the process of picking all the colors and options and, of course, Lawrence Fronczek and his team were exceptionally helpful.  Once she arrived, both Lawrence and Duncan were instrumental in getting everything just right and looking after our new baby while she sat on the Specialty docks for a few months.  Once again, we’ve had a great experience with Specialty Yachts and we particularly enjoy working with their team of friendly and helpful people.  We have no hesitation recommending Specialty for all of your boating needs, purchase, sale and service.  We’re looking forward to many new adventures on our Marlow-Hunter 31.

Ian and Leila MacIntosh, SV “Loch Moigh”