“I have cruised over 300 nm aboard the new Marlow Mainship 32, between Vancouver B.C, and Seattle Washington in conditions that varied from calm to 25 knot winds with 3 foot seas on the beam.

We experienced the 25 knot winds in the Strait of Juan De Fuca, West of Whidby Island. We were keeping company with 3 sailboats and our speed in the 3 foot seas was 6 knots, the speed of the slowest boat in the convoy. The Marlow was very well behaved indeed, her underwater keels helped her track and steer easily, and her rolling even though the seas were beam on, did not spill the coffee cups on the table!

On that trip both Yanmar 75 hp sail drive diesels ran at 1500 rpm, and our fuel economy was a remarkable 1.4 gph, giving us an 1,100 nm range with her 750L fuel capacity.

On a return trip from Seattle to Vancouver, we were alone, and let the Marlow strut her stuff. We ran the Yanmar’s at 2800 rpm through the night up Rosario Strait. We averaged 12 knots against a 2 knot ebb current, and sipped fuel at only 4.5 gph!

Her two props are 44 inches apart, making her very easy to dock at slow speeds without using the wheel, opposing the engines in foreword and reverse she turns on a dime. Our boat even had a bow thruster, very useful in cross currents or wind.

She is perfect for a couple, or small family who want a safe, fast, comfortable, no hassle cruiser, and is probably the most economical cruiser of her size to explore the waterways between Seattle and Alaska.”

Larry Hansen

Sail Canada instructor examiner

International Yacht Training Yachtmaster Offshore