I’d like to give a shout out and a thank-you to Darren Marriott of Specialty Yachts.
We had been looking for our perfect boat for several months and most of the other brokerages were unattentive and often did not even answer emails or texts. Darren and Specialty Yachts were fabulous and did everything possible to ensure that the purchase of our Hunter went as smoothly as possible.
Darren was tireless and answered questions weekends and evenings as well. He truly offered customised service and got to know the seller of our Hunter as much as he got to know us.
This brokerage builds relationships, and is not just out for the sale but a lasting relationship. Don’t get me wrong, they do want to make a sale, but they seem as equally concerned with both buyer and seller.
I give them 5 stars and would recommend them to anyone who is also looking for their perfect boat.
Thanks Darren and Specialty Yachts!!

Laurel and Kris”