“I learned at a young age while delivering newspapers by boat that people who pay a premium to have the paper delivered to their dock have high expectations for said delivery. It had to arrive rain or shine, before 7:00AM, dry, and not wake up the clients by hitting the boathouse door too hard! Lawrence Fronczek, and his crew at Specialty Yachts, understand this paradigm completely. In boat sales, where the stakes and expectations are extremely high, I believe the difference between a good, mediocre, and poor experience is the level of customer service provided. The entire team at Specialty pulls quietly together as one modest, synchronized unit to ensure we, the customers, receive our floating dreams in the most pleasant, friendly, and effortless way possible. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we can easily appreciate that a thousand pieces, if not more, are being sourced, designed, tailored and twisted to our individual needs, delivered, fitted, documented, and then explained to us. Thank you Specialty Yachts, the purchase of our new Marlow Hunter 37 could not have been better, we have enjoyed absolutely every single minute of the process.”

Munson, Elizabeth, Malcolm, Hannah, & Mouse. About Time.

Munson delivering newspapers