“There is a story about why I have purchased three new Hunter sailboats from Specialty Yacht Sales. I moved to Canada from Texas about 10 years ago and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest sailing opportunities. After shopping for a suitable sailing vessel, I bought a new Hunter 45CC from Lawrence Fronczek at Specialty Yacht Sales in a partnership arrangement. After sailing the 45 for a couple of years in and around Vancouver Island, the partnership decided to upgrade to a new Hunter 50 CC with the idea of taking off to do real blue water sailing. With that marvelous vessel I sailed the west coast of North America to Central America, then on to the Galapagos, Marquesas, the Tuomotos Islands, and finally to Tahiti and Morea in the Society Islands. Having left behind my sweetheart, Karine, who I love and greatly missed, I liquidated my part of the partnership in Tahiti and returned to Canada to marry her. The story could end there, however, we NEEDED a sailing vessel. Of course we went to Specialty Yacht Sales to purchase our lovely new Marlow Hunter 40 named Lotus. We are very pleased with our new vessel and anticipate sailing in the Gulf Island area for now and with an eye to go further. Obviously we have a “thing” for Hunter sailboats, and we cannot imagine having one without the support, advice, and friendship of Lawrence Fronczek, Sarah White and the rest of the Specialty Yacht Sales crew.”

Rick and Karine Johnson