“We are very happy with our HUNTER 35.5 and appreciate all the kind assistance that Lawrence provided us. As new immigrants to Canada, our knowledge about how to buy a yacht was low and we lacked proficiency in understanding English boating or yachting terms. However, Lawrence showed great patience in responding to, and answering all of our purchase questions in simple every day language we could understand. This is our first boat so we didn’t have any experience in boating, equipment usage and maintenance, but Lawrence helped immensely providing guidance in appropriate wardrobe selection, finding moorage, sailing courses and equipment maintenance. Thank you so much.”

我们对购买这条HUNTER35.5帆船非常满意,我们也对Lawrence 先生的周到服务表示感谢。作为初到加拿大的新移民,我们对加拿大的船艇交易规则所知甚少,特别是对于船艇相关的英语感到特别困难。但是 Lawrence 先生对我们有极大的耐心,用我们能理解的简单英语详细的回答和解释了我们有关专业术语和船艇买卖条款的问题。我们是第一次购买帆船,所以没有帆船的任何使用和维护的经验,Lawrence 先生在随后的服装,装备的采购,寻找泊位,驾驶培训和设备维修方面提供了无私帮助。对此我们深表感谢。

Stephon & Jane